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Welcome to Al Ain in Abu Dhabi, a living oasis where culture and nature blend seamlessly. Discover lush oases, step back in time inside historic forts and embrace thrilling adventures. It’s just 90 minutes from Abu Dhabi city, so what are you waiting for?


A living oasis





A living oasis

Travel beyond the bustling streets to unearth Al Ain's hidden treasures. Dive deep into a storied past, exploring ancient forts and learning tales of old. Feel the rush as you embark on exhilarating adventures amidst rugged terrains. Seek tranquillity in serene landscapes, where wellness roots in nature. Al Ain is not just a destination; it's a mix of experiences waiting to be discovered by you. 


Recommended experiences in Al Ain

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Seeking a rejuvenating escape or a serene wellness retreat? Al Ain's accommodations blend traditional charm with modern comfort. Here, every guest is promised a restorative experience.

Helpful answers for your Al Ain trip

Al Ain is easily accessible by road. You can take the E22 or E66 highways from Abu Dhabi or Dubai. Both drives take approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. Al Ain also has an international airport, with regional flights connecting to various destinations. Alternatively, Abu Dhabi International Airport is 90 minutes away by car.

Al Ain is a year-round destination, welcoming visitors in every season. From October to March, the cooler days are perfect for outdoor adventures. However, from April to September, while the days are warmer, you can find solace beneath the cool shade of oasis palm trees, dive into the invigorating waters at Al Ain Adventure, or explore our captivating museums. No matter when you choose to visit, Al Ain promises a unique and unforgettable experience.

Al Ain is brimming with activities and attractions, but here are some highlights: Wander through the UNESCO-listed Al Ain Oasis, and delve into history at Qasr Al Muwaiji or the Al Jahili Fort. For thrill-seekers, Al Ain Adventure offers heart-pumping excitement. Enjoy panoramic vistas atop Jebel Hafit, and marvel at the diverse species at Al Ain Zoo. Truly, there's so much to explore, but these are just a start!

Al Ain has a reliable public bus service, but many visitors opt for taxis or car rentals for convenience. All major landmarks are well-signposted. Alternatively, guided tours offer curated experiences around the city's attractions.